About Me


Rita Kim, 09/10/1993, currently a Fine Arts Major with Honors.
Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Rita had started her artistic pursuits from a young age. She had won a coloring in competition and had an artwork chosen to be displayed by the Waimakariri District Council in 1998.
Rita continued to study art from primary school to high school. She experimented with various media and subjects such as Graphic Design, Computer Science and Fashion Design. In 2015, she enrolled into Massey University, Wellington, starting with a Visual Arts Diploma. She has since changed to a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors as of 2016. Her studies currently, range from life drawing, contemporary art, contextualization of art, photography, a lot of written work and essays.

Rita’s art explores the cutesy, the weird and crazy, wonderland-like worlds; her influences are often from Japanese pop culture, citing artists such as James Jean, Yoshitaka Amano, Takato Yamamoto, Hikari Shimoda, among others, as inspiration. Rita’s drawings convey, or she hopes to convey, stories and themes of beauty, death, drug use, socio-political issues such as mental illness, consumption of sexual female imagery and social media. She does this through the use of bright colours, symbolism and interesting compositions. Rita works primarily with ink and watercolours with 250gsm textured paper. She would try to draw daily but needs to find inspiration and art block is an issue as well as time management.

Rita’s works have been on display in Massey University and Matchbox Studios in Wellington, New Zealand.